The successful treatment of allergies

Bild Hautprofil Allergologie Allergic reactions and diseases such as skin allergies, hay fever or allergic asthma not only affect your quality of life; they can also quickly develop into a serious health hazard.

That’s why we take your health problems very seriously, examine the underlying causes and help you to alleviate them.

An allergy is basically a form of an erroneous immune response to otherwise harmless substances. This reaction causes inflammations where they come into contact with the skin or mucous membranes. The substances which trigger such a response are therefore referred to as allergens.

Finding the causes of an allergy is a very complex process. For this reason, we take a great deal of time for you and your concerns when taking your medical history.

To address your health problems quickly and efficiently, we initiate a diagnostic procedure based on your personal medical history. This is the only way we can be confident we are providing you the best possible individual therapeutic regimen.

Allergies can be diagnosed by means of simple skin and lab tests, such as prick tests and IgE antibody tests (atopy screen). We provide customised treatment based on the results, the patient’s complaints and the clinical symptoms.

Therapy includes minimising allergens as much as possible, symptomatic treatment with drugs (antiallergic medicine) and/or other measures, such as the use of special bed linens in the case of dust allergies.
Where appropriate, we also perform desensitation treatments, ranging from allergy shots to specific immunotherapies.

As much as necessary and as little as possible!

Can allergies be prevented?

  • Mothers-to-be should not smoke (not even “passively”). Otherwise, the allergy risk for their children will increase many times over!
  • Babies should be breastfed for four to six months. Other kinds of protein (e. g. from cow's milk) can be a major allergy trigger.
  • Fashion jewellery containing nickel or other allergenic substances should be avoided: it may trigger eczema.

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